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Oceanside Morning Walks

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Having a dog and a three-year old means taking many many walks each and every day.


If we don't get out of the house by ten on any given morning, we all grow irritable. Luke will be frustrated with excess energy; like any boy his age, he needs constant stimulation. I will get grumpy at his moodiness and at having to corral him from one activity to the next when he is clearly unable to focus. Byron will be sad as he’ll still have to pee. That’s how dogs roll.


Lucky for us, and you Salt & Fog reader, we live in such a lovely locale. Documenting these morning journeys through countless pictures has become an unavoidable habit of mine and was in a large part the inspiration for this blog. I mean, I can only post so many pics to instagram without clogging up everyone’s feed. Plus, it's so pretty here I just have to share.

It seemed only fitting the first blog post up on Salt and Fog’s launch day would be my ten favorite images from this past month.

The last shot was obviously during an evening walk - it being sunset and all, but it was too pretty not to add to this bunch.

Do you have a favorite? Is there any seaside imagery you would like to see next month? If so, I will keep my eye out for it. I love a good photo mission.