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Mom's Group 101

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The big question here is, 'Do you need a mom’s group?

Are you now, or are you soon going to be, a new parent?  If so, then the answer is yes.

If you have an older child, let’s say 6 months or older, the answer is...maybe.
Below are some of the benefits that I hope will help you in your decision. 


Reasons to join a mom's group:


This was the number one reason for me. Especially if you are a first time mom, you're going to want to talk to someone during the day that can actually respond to you. Even if it's a lame response because they are as tired as you are. Probably even more so because  they get where you’re at because they’re right there with you.


While this may just sound like complaining to your friends or maybe even your spouse, other new moms get it in a different way. They are probably feeling the same thing. No matter how many times you tell other people your new mom problems, they just won’t get it until they are in it.  It can be damn hard to be a parent, especially early on. You’re not alone. Everyone else in the group is in it for a reason too. It can feel very validating when you need it most.


From diapers to potty training, napping to sleep councilors (yes that’s a thing) to feedback on any thing that has been troubling you can and will get answered. "Any ideas on how to handle a picky eater?" Seriously, everyone does thing called being a mom for the first time and no one knows what they are doing. A mom’s group is the way we all teach, and help each other.


Pediatricians, diaper services, hand-me down clothes, that one toy all the kids want to play with (It’s probably this as it was always the biggest hit from ages 6 months to walking in my group). I have never in my adult life been the beneficiary of so much good will and free stuff as I had when was a new mom. People have stuff and advice they want to share. Problems they have researched. They cannot wait to help you with yours. Just remember to pay it back in kind (you will though, don’t worry).


 Yes, early on the babies will all just be lying there in a circle staring up at you, maybe once in a while rolling into one another. Eventually though, they’re going to want to play with other kids. It will be in really short doses at first, and mostly just parallel play, but it will help socialize them. You want kids that are socialized. You don’t want to have the kid that cannot handle being around other children and when other parents see you coming to the playground they all quickly gather their things and leave. (Don’t worry, that too shall pass!)

One of the best reasons to join a mom's group is for the lifelong connections that will continue long after the group has dissolved. Playdates will be had. — Tweet This

Q&A: When should you join?

Do you have a baby?
Yes? Then the answer is NOW. Try it at least twice. Then you will know if it is the right group for you.

Are you going to have a kid in the very near future? Are you in your third trimester?Then the answer is join soon if you feel like it. I think joining and attending up to a couple months in advance can be helpful. It is nice to have a community set up before you have your baby and your time to research such things becomes limited. An added bonus is that many groups have an established meal plan to help with those tricky early days.

How do I join?

As far as I can tell the number one way to find Mom’s group is through The CEO has even mentioned how surprised he was that moms groups became the highest percentage of users.

If one is available nearby, fill out their application (these usually take under five minutes), and once accepted, go ahead and RSVP to a few that fit with your daily timeframe. Most have multiple times slots due to changing nap schedules.



When the little ones get a little older, story times are great. Most every library has a story time that, while sometimes dull for the parents (sorry being honest here), story time is great for the kids. Regardless if you are a part of a moms group, you should go to a story time now and again. It exposes kids to the joys of reading and there is almost always a sing-along part that has group interaction. Very often they will also have information on local mom's groups or events. When story time is over go, ahead and ask the moderator (which is sometimes, but not always a staff librarian) their suggestions for fun things to attend.


Playgrounds and Children's stores:

You have children. You will be at one of these sometime this week. Chat up another mom with a child in your age bracket. Chances are, they are as eager for adult conversations as you. Outside of the internet, other moms are the best resource you will find.


Google Search

Still coming up empty? Go ahead and Google your town and “mom's group.” Something should come up. If not, expand your search to include nearby towns or your county.

What are your thoughts on moms groups? Do you find them helpful?