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Turntable:Ryn Weaver – The Fool

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turntable - Ryn Weaver

In addition to the mixes and new singles we explore coast-side, we pick one or two records each month to focus on and give extra attention. This monthI chose Ryn Weaver's LP The Fool.


Octahate, was a standout track for me a few months ago with its pounding slightly off-tempo dancing and yelling. We would all rock out to it when it came on the car stereo. I could not wait to hear Ryn Weaver's full album.


Because we are a blog about focusing on the positive, here are the things I really liked about her record:

The title track, The Fool, is as catchy and fun as the track Octohate and the song Promises is a close second (or third if you count Octohate which is also rightly included on this LP).

I really appreciated that the opener Runaway feels very much like a first song. In a world of singles,  it’s nice to see someone focus on the  record in its entirety. 

Much of The Fool feels reminiscent to me of Ellie Goulding and My Brightest Diamond. Both of whom I dig, so I did not have a problem with that.

The third to last track, Traveling Song, also stood out to me mainly that it was a departure from the rest of the record, giving the listener time to catch their breath before finishing. 

Have you had a listen to  The Fool? What do you think about it?