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Petaluma trip

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We have been traveling a bunch this year and we have more to come so I thought I would start sharing my journals here. This is the first, a recent long weekend trip to Petaluma.  I broke it into days to make it more accessible. Enjoy!



We arrived at our little yellow rental house at in the late afternoon. The small yard in the front and back was entirely fenced in, one of the reasons we picked this location. It allowed Luke to play in the yard while we unpacked and later while we relaxed.

Once we were settled in the house Luke read some books the owners had left on the shelf of the kids room (his favorite was the Star Wars "I am A Pilot" Golden Book.   Julie did some work and we researched the best local spots to go.






We had a truly amazing dinner of celery soup,  spinach salad (with prosciutto shaved Parmesan, blue cheese and pear), and artisanal pizza ( pine nuts, olive oil, butter nut squash and pancetta) at a place called the Wild Goat.


After we got home, Julie made us hot chocolate.  We went out back and stargazed with our cocoauntil it was Luke's bed time. Julie and I read comic books and sketched in the living room.

Petaluma Trip. day 3

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We started our third day in Petaluma similar to the second. Up at 7 o'clock reading and puzzles together in the living room. We had saved a morning bun from bovine bakery yesterday and it was an extra treat when I remembered that we had it.

luke and treat

For breakfast we went out to a really cute 50s themed diner called Sax's joint.



Then we went on a tour of Tara Firma Farms ranch. There we were able to pet some fuzzy black piggies, met some cows, calfs and chickens. 


Julie even held one of the chicken. We also learn n awful lot about sustainable farming.



For lunch we had planned on going to the log Lagunitas  brewery but they were very full so instead we tried a local deli barbecue joint called Lombardy's. Excellent try tip sandwich and pork ribs.



Back at our AirBnB we both took baths and did some reading (<--Heaven). We were still full from our barbecue lunch so we just had a snack for dinner.