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How to Fly with a Toddler

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Have you flown with a child? It’s not the best thing ever.

Recently within two weeks we had three flights, two of them over five hours. On all of the journeys we managed to keep Luke fairly occupied and entertained and it was not so bad. Julie and I were both spent but he seemed to come away from the experience enjoying air travel. So it’s a win.

Luke and I excited to board the flight to NYC.

Luke and I excited to board the flight to NYC.

How to fly with a toddler:

Entertaining Luke inflight was mostly a series of pre-planned time delayed activities, gifts, apps, toys, and snacks. Nothing extravagant, just items that he would find interesting and occupy his mind while on board.

Julie & Luke inflight.

Julie & Luke inflight.

Stuff we brought 

New storybooks
We picked three golden books we knew he would enjoy and pulled one out when he started growing restless. Our current faves are the new Star Wars ones I mentioned in the last post.

All times faves are


Granola bars, fruit pouches, cheese sticks, veggies sticks. About once every thirty minutes we would ask him if he was thirsty or wanted a snack. 

 We also made a really big deal about the food cart. He got to pick anything he wanted (except soft drinks which we don’t allow yet) and any snack. He chose chocolate milk and potato chips (which we split three ways). He really loved the pringles mini-can.


We loaded the iPad with new games tucked in hidden folders that we did not show him until mid way through the flights.

 Favorites included:

Endless Alphabet



The night before Luke got to pick out a toy from the book store he got to bring along on the plane (I distracted him with this activity while Julie purchased the Golden Books for the flight). He picked a set of Star Wars action figures and really like holding them and looking at them while on the plan. Particularly during take off and landing. 



To help cut down on ear-popping and avoid Luke noticing how nervous I get during landing and possibly  taking that on himself, we let him chew his first piece of gum. He was totally in to it and was not really phased by the descent, other than enjoying watching the buildings and cars grow from tiny to big.

plane window

PROTIP: Bring your own car seat. Rental car dealers charge a lot for them.
You can check yours for free when picking up your boarding passes. It is a little bulky on the walk from the terminal to the rental but worth the savings.

Happy fliers landing in NYC.

Happy fliers landing in NYC.

Enjoy your next flight! Let me know any tips you have I might have missed.