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February 2016. Mix

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feb mix

Her'e some music for your February.

I am pretty obsessed with a  few of these songs right now (aside for my continuing Hamilton obsession which I am still deep in the throws of).

But how good is that new Chairlift song? I cannot wait for next months release of Eric Bachman's new solo record, so it was great to here this wonderful single.

I have not heard enough new Missy (has anyone?) to keep her in my ear's (and yours) there great guest spot on this Janet song from last year.

And Hinds! Ladies doing 90's retro garage rock. I need more of that.

All kinds of ear candy. Enjoy!


10 Songs for August

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August Music Cover Collage

August Music Cover Collage

Ten Mostly-chill songs to wind down Summer. 
Start listening now. Then maybe scroll down if you want to know a little but about each one.  


I'm still enjoying Beck's Grammy award-winning album from last year. And here he is back with a new awesome single. Dreams is already getting a lot of airplay. Maybe a late contender for song of the summer?

2. Alessia Cara - Here

I love a dance song about not enjoying the party and preferring to go back to your home. I hear you girl.

3. The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open

Hey look the Chemical Brothers made something new! And Beck sings on it. Hi again beck.

4. Leon Bridges - Coming Home

We talked about Leon last week after seeing him at Outside Lands, but this was his first single and the song that turned me onto Leon so I had to put it somewhere.

5. Jill Scott - Closure

I am loving the Jill Scott has put out a new record. Her fifth and first since 2011. I don’t think this is even the single I just like everything I’ve heard from it.

6. Modest Mouse - The Ground Walks with Time in a Box

Another band that had not put out a record in a while, Modest Mouse returned after eight years to release Strangers to Ourselves in March.  Their first single, Lampshades on Fire, and so is this one.

7. Snoop Dog - Peaches n’ Cream

“Dancing likes she knows she the baddest in the place.” The most danceable song from Snoop’s Bush record that dropped earlier this year. I like when Snoop raps happy. 

8. Chet Faker - Gold

This was also on the Outside Lands post. I’m still listening to it though. It’s great easy summer time music.

9. Wilco - Taste The Ceiling 

My fav from Wilco’s new record. Which might still be free on their website.

10. Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - Girl from the North Country

I had to put at least one older song on here, and you can never go wrong with Bob or Johnny.
And they do this one together!


Do you have any favorites from this mix? Is there a new song I should here?
 Should I have spelled summertime as one word?

Let me know your thoughts! And enjoy the music!