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10 links I am loving and a life refresh

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For what I am  wearing .

For what I am wearing.

It’s September! and we are doing a life refresh. It's inspired partially by it being my birthday soon (I’ve always been one of those troublesome people that thinks birthdays are a big deal) and also because we went on that crazy three week trip (that I am already building groundbreaking blog posts about) and our lives got all thrown out of order.

This refresh is to get our lives back on track. 

Things in our refresh include:



We have failed at doing a budget so many times. This month we are going hardcore and doing that thing where you put cash in envelopes. Each one containing the max amount you should spend in different categories for the week/month. Our 'eating out' envelope will be the most challenging. So much of our money goes to restaurants.



We did Paleo with mixed results earlier this summer and then moved into a Clean Diet, which I really liked. I say “clean" but it was much very the Jessica Alba/Honest company inspired eating plan so I should say Honest Diet, maybe.

Basically it is eating:

  • Nothing with more than five ingredients.

  • Mostly fruit or veggies (2/3rds of your plate should be produce).

  • Proteins are mostly lean meats or fish (red meat sparingly).

  • Limited dairy.

When we were on it earlier this summer I felt so good. My tummy behaved much better than normal. We totally slipped when traveling but are going to try to do that pretty strictly this month.

Full guidelines in her book.




I plan on doing a capsule wardrobe for fall that I am slowly assembling.

However, Indian Summers are big here so I might go ahead and wait until the end of October to implement it. Either way, I know this skirt will be included in it as it is my current fave. (Protip: 40% off currently!




We live by the frackin’ ocean and we utilize it far less than we should. The ocean! I bet you live by some cool stuff you don't do as often as you should too, right?

Our morning walk always passes by the sea, but we have gotten out of the habit of spending extra time there. This month I want to be sure to spend time on the sand or in the water during playdates and and in the evening for dinner picnics as well. Who knows how long we will really get to live here so I better be taking advantage of it.

How about you all? Are there amazing things near where you live that you too often skip over? I want to know what they are! Make this month the one you utilize them and let me know.

I've already started to increase my ocean time by stopping by the beach to walk Byron after dropping Luke off in the morning the three days he has preschool. As opposed to walking Byron around the grass lot next door as I had been doing. You know who loves beaches more than people? Dogs!

Stuff I am Loving This Month:

Kayley Melissa


This YouTube channel. I solemnly swear to curl my hair more often because it looks so much better and Kelsey will help me do it. 


Michael Kors nailpolish in Fantasy

nail polish

Look at this nail polish! I don’t even like blue very much and it’s one of my favorite polishes this year.  Well, month maybe– I change a lot.

Call Your Girlfriend



Call Your Girlfriend. The podcast for long distance besties everywhere. Ammintou Sou and Ann Friedman dish about pop culture, feminism, menstruation and their lives in general. It makes me miss my long distance bestie and i cannot get enough of it.


Smart Planet Lunchboxes



I want these little foldable bento-like lunch boxes. Part of spending less on going out to eat is making lunches at home when Luke and I have outings. How much nicer if the containers were divided and you could fold them up afterwards?

(discovered on JenLovesKev)

Vanity Fair, Special Edition: TansAmerica 


If you told me when I was younger that Conde' Naste would put out a thick glossy magazine celebrating Transgender heroes past and present I would never have believed you.

While growing up being trans was always something to hide, both before and after transition. But look at this?  What a time to be alive.


Star Wars Golden Books


These came out in August are so cute and fun to share with our little reader. Star Wars has a way of sparking the imagination. I love hearing the little stories he makes up afterwards involving the characters or ships. 

Wives Style: Sunny Sunday

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Our first Wives Style post. We thought it would be fun to do a regular fashion post featuring both Julie and myself. Julie and I each love clothes but have totally different styles. It's high tide, I mean time, we took advantage of that.  

It’s bizarre for me to think how we used to have a combined closet when we were first together. We would borrow each other's pieces endlessly and I would often forget what pieces I purchased and which she did.

These days our closets are much more distinct. I suppose we had not discovered what suited us best or had as clearly defined tastes as we do now.  Maybe that’s what being in your 30’s is all about anyhow... 


I cannot get enough of t-shirt dresses. Honestly, anything that is comfortable and looks a bit dressy, but requires almost no effort and is machine washable (having children around is messy business) is my current fave.

Veronica is wearing: 

T-Shirt Dress, - Old Navy. Scarf - Etsy. Jacket - Gap. Shoes - Clarks. Purse - Target. 


My style is a fresh smoothie of style that I can never really put a name to. I love pieces that are relaxed, cool and a little bit surprising. My newest spotlight are these adorable BonLook sunglasses. They are perfect for the California coast. This little necklace adds a touch of fancy to my weekend look and helps me feel a bit more polished. The red lipstick is the pop of color I need to feel glamourous. 

Julie is wearing:

Sweater - LOFT, Jeans - Old Navy, Shoes - Similar, Sunglasses - BonLook, Lipstick - MAC - Russian Red, Watch - Coach, Bag - Ross, Necklace - Gifted