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Exploring Portland

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Gabriel Park

The weather cleared and we were able to take a walk and Gabriel Park yesterday. It was gorgeous. I especially loved this one grove of tall twisty trees that seemed to bulge and then twist back in at their top. 


Breakfast at the delicious Fat City Cafe, with our visiting friend Urian, many license plates and a Sasquatch wearing a Santa Hat and Kilt. Nach'

salmon river

 Exploring the wild snow patched woods with Grant. It is a fairy tale of a forest. 

Beautiful collection of illuminated art installations right on the water at OSMI's Winter Lights Festival. Outstanding. Also, cold.


Our sublet has a fireplace. Each night after the sunset Julie has really enjoyed constructing a fire and tending to it until bedtime. 🔥 

Holiday Home drawings

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In my last post, I mentioned a sale I was having to create illustrations of people's home. And if you pardon the expression, it took off like Hotcakes. I have done such a varied amount of homes, business and important landmarks for a whole bunch of people. Thank you for making this a success.

Here are some more:

I am now booked through January, but will gladly take commissions for February. If interested please e-mail me with a photo or street address: