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Los Laureles Lodge

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Los Laureles Lodge, a historic country inn — located in Carmel Valley— has long been one of our family's favorite weekend escapes. Julie and I would visit once or twice a year before we had Luke and have since gone back about once a year (or try too). 

For my 40th birthday I thought it would be just the thing to spend the entire weekend there with some close friends. I was right! 

I had intended to drag my ipad around the property sketching the charming grounds, but I didn't. With out a child in not in tow I decided to sleep in, chat with out friends, swim, drink, eat, read and play dominoes. Which is a very successful birthday weekend.  I did spend part of the afternoon poolside doing the full on illustration of the lodge above. And then one more quick sketch (below).


We did manage to take some photos. I present to you, my birthday weekend in photos:

Turning 40...and some stuff I like

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I turn 40 tomorrow. This is what my mornings look like now. When did that happen? (not just the daily meds— but the whole forty thing.) It's pretty crazy.

Every year on a birthday people ask if you feel any older. "Of course not," I always answer, "It's just a day." This year I may have to change my answer.  What with the odd feelings of morbidity that arose a few months ago, the aches and pains when I step out of bed, and don't even get me started on the hangovers. It almost makes drinking not worth it. Almost. So, yes, I feel older. Darn.

Don't get me wrong, it has been an amazing decade. The best ever of my life. I quit my job and moved to Mexico, I moved six times actually, went freelance, went from being often single to never single, got married, had an amazing kid and on and on.  I would not change a thing. Well, not much anyway. I probably should have exercised more. I am sure I said that when I was turning 30, But still , Anyway phew! It's a lot.

Ten years ago tonight we threw a Vegas themed party (complete with handmade gambling tables!) Julie and I had just started dating and we went as trashy brides. When you are turning thirty that seems like an awful lot of fun (it kinda of still does actually). 

This weekend some friends and I are spending time in Carmel at one of our fav lodges. There will be lots of drinking, eating, swimming and sleeping late. I hope. I'll blog about it next week. In the meantime, here are a few things I am really digging right now.



Yes Please!
Amy Poehler

This was exactly what I wanted and expected it to be, except maybe a little better with some real strong laugh-out-loud moments. It is a mostly chronological collection of comedic essays spanning Amy's career and life in general.

 As unstoppable as Leslie Knope is, her real life alter-ego is even more bad ass. If you don't know about her smart girls site you should check it out.

Here the book On Amazon.



jem 1

Jem and The Holograms Vol. 1: Showtime
 Kelly Thompson  (Author), Sophie Campbell  (Artist)

I know, I know. I am not usually into the 80's revival thing either (except Stranger Things, natch) but Jem is surprisingly solid. A little bit cotton-candy fun, but with all of the heavy stuff going on, that is needed some times. The creative team that built it are top notch ladies (including one trans woman who came out in the process of working on Jem - go grrl!)  I love that they made all of them women different shapes, size, colors and sexualities. We need more of that in comics (especially in ones aimed at younger audiences!) Props to Hasbro, the giant toy company, for approving all that too. 

on Amazon.



Travel Nueva

My amazing wife just started a side business with a  website called Travel Nueva that will 100% make any trip or stay-cation so much better. The site offers varying tiers that will help take the effort out of planning your trip. At any level it offers recommendations on restaurants, activities, and places to stay.





Toms Peep Toe Booties

Did you know Tom's came out with these amazing Peep Toe booties? I found out - the day I bought them.  Just like their wedges they are super-comfy! The pair I purchase were grey and while those don't seem to be available any longer these oxblood ones are just as adorbs.

Okay..turning 40 in a few hours.
ee you on the other side of the war.


Pacifica Sketches

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Previously I've documented the oceanside town I live with a series of morning walk photos. After coming back from Barcelona* I have been inspired to treat this wonderful town like it was a travel destination and sketch the heck out of it. 

I started with the pier - sort of the center of town as far as I am concerned (and the second largest fishing pier on the West Coast) - and worked my way out from there,

The second drawing is of the Stucky's fishmarket and Perfect Pour Coffee. Two excellent shops that share the building with a local barbershop (from which I have never been).

The third is from a cozy cottage just across from the pier (I always fantasize about living there). 

Finally is the ole' rusty anchor that has a place of honor along the promenade.

Sketching at SF Zoo

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If you follow my instagram of late (or saw one of these two Big Bend posts) you may have noticed I have been really enjoying sketching with the ipad. It is a super-new tool for me as I am usually a traditional sketchbook and watercolor girl.

I thought I would try my hand at ipad sketching some animals at our recent trip to the excellent San Francisco Zoo. Here are the mixed results. 

I like that the ipad forces me to simplify my line work quite a bit. Well that and the forced timer I have which is the attention span of the four year-old I am accompanying.