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How to apply fake eyelashes

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It can be crazy hard to apply fake eyelashes. I tried and failed for so many years I am still astounded at how easy it is now easy for me. Here's what I learned through so much trial-and-error. Share these tips with everyone we all deserve better lashes if we want them.

Before you begin you'll want to apply any other eye makeup you plan on wearing first but hold off on the mascara until step four.

You'll need:

  • A pair of fake eyelashes (nothing too expensive. No matter how much you spend they won't last forever).
  • Decent eyelash glue
  • Mascara

Step One: Trim lash

Everyone from RuPaul to Real Simple will tell you to cut fake eyelashes in half and apply both sides separately. This has never worked for me. Also, you don't need the entire lash unless you are on the runway and then you have no business taking advice from me.

You want the lash to extend from the outer corner of your eye  to about 3/4 of the way in. Hold it up to your eye in the mirror and check where you should cut. In my experience it is almost always necessary to cut about 1/3 rd of the lash off.


Step Two: Apply Glue

First and foremost get a decent eyelash glue. If you take nothing else away from this post except that you will still be way ahead of where you were when you were using the shoddy glue that often come with the lashes. It is the big of a difference. 

I use Duo Brush-on Lash Glue which I purchased at Sephora, but I am sure any comparable beauty store will have similar.

Brush the strip with glue and wait a couple seconds.

Step three: Apply Lashes

Hold lash strip up to eye and match the center of the strip to the center of your eye. Press down. It should be tacky enough that the lashes will stay in place but not so sticky that you cannot move them if you did not get the position right on the first try.
Once you are satisfied with the position, pat the strip down on the rest along the rest of the lid until it is affixed in place.

This part is still a bit tricky and will seem awkward the first few times, but once you do it enough you will be amazed at how easy it becomes.

Repeat on the second eye.

Step Four: Add Mascara

Once the lashes are in place go ahead and put a coat of mascara on, it will help blend your real lashes with the fake ones.